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Cappuccino mug 120 ml | white

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Material: stoneware

Colour: white

Texture: glazed on the inside and on the outside

Approx. dimensions:
Ø 8 cm, height: 6 cm
Volume: 120 ml 

Dishwasher safe


Please note; the white items of the Column collection are slightly smaller than the dark grey items. Therefore it is not always possible to stack a mix of these two colours on top of each other.

For the Column collection the pigments have been mixed with the liquid clay in order to colour the pieces to the core. As a result the inner and outer surfaces have a similar colour tone.

The dark grey pieces have a glaze applied on the inner side for protection. The white products have a glaze on both the inner and outer side of the products, as this tone is sensitive. Despite the contrast in finishes, the colour tones combine perfectly well. 

All Archive Studio products are fired at a high temperature of 1.250 °C making the clay compact and the product durable and strong. As a result, all products are perfectly dishwasher safe. As all products are handmade and due to temperature differences in the oven, the products are slightly different in size and colour, making each piece unique.

All products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop. The cooperation with this small producer has been recognised by the EU as a program supporting the local economy.

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